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We order our school uniform from the shop, John McHugh. The shop is based in Stretford Mall. We take a whole school order in the summer term. If you require additional uniform before this time please order directly from the shop. The shop keeps a small stock of uniform for these occasions.

Please note, hair past shoulder length must be tied back.



(Reception – Year 6)

  • Maroon with school crest


  • Maroon with school crest


  • Maroon with school crest


  • White only(no blue shirts)

Skirts / trousers

  • Grey

Summer dresses

  • Red checked


  • black shoes
  • No trainers or boots
  • Sensible shoes – no high heels or strappy shoes although sensible sandals are allowed

Socks / Tights

  • Grey or white socks
  • Grey tights


  • Hair bobbles should be small and plain in school
  • No make up / nail varnish
  • Sensible watches and stud earrings only

Book bags

  • Reception to Year 6 (purchased from school office)

PE Kits


(Reception – Year 6)

Every child to have an indoor PE kit, in a pump bag left in school and taken home half termly, to be washed.

Plain black shorts

Plain white t-shirt

PE Hoodie

black pumps (nursery - Year 2)


(Key Stage 2)

Plain black shorts

Plain white t- shirt

PE Hoodie



Girls – swimming costume

Boys – swimming trunks (not too long or baggy)

Swimming caps to be worn